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"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Why isn't this declaration heeded, why are so many of our rights infringed by our elected and non-elected leadership of this country? A civilization without a means to protect themselves will fall, that is the truth and is proven throughout our history as a world. Disarming a population only works in favor of the one confiscating, not the other way around. Never forget this fact.

Certain people use fear to work towards removing our right to protect ourself and our loved ones from harm, and from a tyrannical government. It is disguised as protection from violence, domestic violence, school shootings and other heinous crimes committed by criminals.

Do we have a gun problem? Absolutely not, we have a Godless nation problem. We have a mental health crisis. We have a lack of patriotism problem. We have a lack of personal accountability problem. We have a crime problem. Don't blame an inanimate object for the fact that we as a Christian nation have moved away from our core values of God, Country and Family. When we accept anything we fall for everything.

Blaming the outcome and using fear to remove an unalienable right, one as crucial as self-preservation from harm highlights what is wrong right now in America. 

I will always have one gun less than I need. I have a concealed carry permit and practice diligently using my self-defense weapons so I can be as proficient and safe as humanly possible. This is my obligation as a responsible gun owner. My children respect firearms, we shoot together, we hunt together, we learn and enjoy responsible gun ownership together. I'll never share a staged photo of me in the woods pretending to love my freedom the 2nd allows. I take this as serious as my life because that is what is at stake.

As your Congressman I will never tire of protecting our Constitutional rights and our God given rights. The 2nd amendment is the only one that protects the rest, without it our Republic will not survive. I will not falter on this, there is no compromise to the 2nd Amendment.

Tarazon 4 NC
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