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Are you happy when you go to the store to buy groceries for you or your family and place everything on the counter, the cashier scans everything and tells you the total? Usually it is over $100 and you look to the right and there is probably three bags of food. You go home, put everything up and it looks like you didn't go to the store. Your kids come in the kitchen and start looking around for food and say, "didn't you go to the store?" This happens to my family, I'm sure it happens to yours. Why is everything so expensive right now? When you drive to work you look at the billboard at the gas station to see how much the price of a gallon of fuel has gone up since you went to bed. Ridiculous isn't it! We have to drive, we need vehicles to get to work to make money to buy food. A significant portion of our earned income is used for fuel to move us back and forth. It is a necessity that is out of our control but hurts all of us in the wallet.

What about your wages? You put in the hours, you are a productive member of society working to have a comfortable happy life. But the government takes and takes, tax this, tax that, this wasn't enough so we are taking more. What can you do about it, it seems like absolutely nothing. You are penalized for making money, then you are taxed and taxed and taxed. Where does it end, when does it stop? It doesn't. How many times have you gotten a letter saying your taxes for your home are going up because the government feels like your house is worth more so you should pay THEM more? What! Why is our income taxed on every check then in April we have to go to the government altar and give more? 

What is our government doing with all this money? We need tax, otherwise our country wouldn't have an infrastructure, schools, first responders, military, social programs, and many many more essential services we need. The government's responsibility is to provide an environment where the citizens can succeed, this requires money. But lets be honest as a nation, we are greedy and take too much from our citizens and spend too much on things that don't help America. Where is the accountability for where our money is actually spent? How much government fraud waste and abuse is happening with our money? I know there is enough that if we as a government cared for our citizens we would focus on spending less and cutting back where we can in order to lower how much we take. Every bill Congress moves is bloated with over-spending, billions of dollars for ridiculous efforts that will ultimately not make any American's life better. We can't keep printing money to fight high costs of living, consequently this is part of the reason things get more expensive. I am not a finance expert but we all know the more money the government prints the less our dollar is worth. That is "common sense." I used quotes because common sense isn't common and that is especially true with the way the government spends our money. They aren't being good stewards of our finances.

We can't keep giving money to foreign countries with no end in sight, and no accountability of what that money is actually being used for. Does everyone need money, yes. Is it always the answer, no. How many fiscal audits fail in the government, how many don't even exist? Is our leadership actually taking the time to understand where all this bloat is going? NO, they aren't. I know there are government organizations that get penalized for saving money, yes they get in trouble if they don't spend the millions and millions of dollars they were given. Give an inch, take a foot. This is where we are fiscally as a country. The government over-spends and takes too much from us because they can, and because they always have.

When I am your Congressman I will demand audits of our government organizations if they don't exist. I will demand to see the outcome of audits that do exist. I want to know who is failing, why can't they account for the billions they were given? Where did they spend our taxpayer money? People will be put in the hot seat, they will answer to us for what they are doing with our money. I will personally make it my priority to force the uncomfortable and very unpopular question, "where is our money?"

Are we taxed too high, YES. Let's fix it.

Does the government spend too much money on things that won't help American's, YES. Let's fix it.

Is there accountability on where our money is spent, NO. Let's fix it.

Does the average American citizen know where their taxes are spent, NO. Let's fix it.

When I'm in Congress I will tirelessly FIGHT for accountability and limiting spending. Imagine if we actually passed a budget that was fiscally responsible and not full of bloated spending on the backs of working Americans. Well imagine it and make it happen with me as your voice. I will be LOUD on this issue. 

Tarazon 4 NC
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