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There is so much wrong with the southern border right now and has been for the last few years where does one even start to focus. It seems like that is our administrations thought, too much is wrong so we'll just look the other way.

Right now there are thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our border daily, a task that DHS cannot currently handle nor are trying to fix. Our agents are doing the best they can with what they have and the orders they are given. However, there are millions of illegal people that have escaped into the United States, hundreds of known terrorists apprehended, thousands of unaccompanied minors shipped across without care and less we mention the influx of deadly drugs to include fentanyl.

Right now people are being shipped across the United States to try and accommodate the increase but if you think about the resources required we aren't equipped. There are second and third order effects when sending massive migrant caravans across the country. The places they end up don't have adequate housing, supplies, health care, education, nothing to sustain life the way it should be. So by allowing this to happen we firsthand have created a massive humanitarian crisis in our own country. 

There are criminals also crossing our border uncontrolled, there will be immeasurable things that happen for a very long time because of our negligence. Now the drugs. We all know there is a serious problem with fentanyl being smuggled into our country and one of those avenues is our southern border. Fentanyl kills in one dose, it comes so concentrated it kills without the person willingly ingesting. This is a crisis that will continue killing until we make it cease to exist.

In order to fix the serious damage being done to our country through the border we need action. The first order of action needs to be secure the border. We have to keep people from casually walking across the border or being delivered through other methods like watercraft. Stop the influx, force everyone to remain in Mexico. 

What this is also doing is diluting and negating our legal immigration process and laws. We are mostly all immigrants or immigrant descendants, our country will only continue to be great if we foster the right growth through regulated immigration. We should never stop anyone lawfully from entering our country, living here as a free citizen and achieving all the success they set out to achieve. What we must stop is massive caravans of people flooding our borders, saturating our already weak infrastructure, stop illegal drugs from coming into the border and stop the humanitarian crisis we are allowing to unfold before our eyes.

As Congressman I will work diligently to enforce lawful border policies of restricted entry, scrutinized screening of immigrants and humanitarian relief of the existing crisis at hand. We need lawmakers willing to do what needs to be done to secure our country and return us to the beacon of freedom where people are encouraged to come and be successful.

Tarazon 4 NC
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